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Operator / owner of the website


Waltraud Österreicher

Schlossgasse 21/25

1050 Vienna



Waltraud Österreicher is editorially responsible for the content of this website and is therefore

the owner under media law. If changes to content have been made due to unauthorized access, we dissociate ourselves from these and decline responsibility.


Company information


Legal form: Sole proprietorship

Owner: Waltraud Österreicher

Chamber affiliation: Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Business purpose/specialist group: Psychosocial counseling

Sales tax identification number (UID, UST-ID): ATU60387423

Company register: no entry


Availability - telephone and e-mail


Phone: +43 664 402 56 58


Picture credits / rights of use


The rights of use to the media used on this website (photos, videos, etc.) are either held directly by us, have been purchased or have been assigned/transferred to us in some other way. By using this website, the user accepts these terms of use and undertakes to comply with them.


It should be noted that it is not permitted to download the images and/or use them in any other way.


General personal designations:


General personal designations that are grammatically masculine or grammatically feminine (e.g. "manager") refer to all people without exception.


Information content:


The information on this website may be changed, removed or supplemented without prior notice. The author therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided or that it is up to date.


Place of jurisdiction: 


The competent court in Vienna shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes arising from this contract. Austrian law shall apply to the exclusion of reference norms to legal systems of other nations. 

Disclaimer and links


The contents of our website are for information purposes only and are in no way legally binding. We reserve the right to make corrections and errors at any time. References to other websites (so-called "links") presented by us were checked for content when they were included, but as we have no influence on the further design of these sites, we distance ourselves from them if necessary.


Excerpt from E-Commerce Act §17: Exclusion of responsibility for links: A service provider who provides access to external information by means of an electronic link is not responsible for this information:


The creation/programming of the homepage is based on a content management system (CMS), which is editorially maintained by us. We accept no liability whatsoever for any damage that may arise in connection with the use of our website.




Any use of the content of this website that contravenes the provisions of copyright law - in particular further use such as publication, reproduction and any form of commercial use, as well as disclosure to third parties - even in part or in revised form - without the express consent of the author is prohibited. This does not apply to files expressly marked for download.


Privacy policy

1. Cookies


General description: Cookies are small (text) files that are stored on your computer when you use a website. In some cases, they are used to recognize you or store information about your usage behavior. In principle, you can set your browser to accept cookies or not. Our website only uses anonymous cookies and so-called "technical cookies" or "session cookies", which are necessary for the proper functioning and display of the website. We cannot influence the functioning of third-party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics).


2 Facebook and social media


In some areas of our website there are links to Facebook (TM) or other so-called social networks. The use of these links is on a voluntary basis and is beyond our area of responsibility.


3. Form data (e.g. contact form, appointment request)


The collection of data when using the contact form is voluntary. The request is sent to us by e-mail for processing and is also stored for this purpose. The following data is recorded: the data you enter (name, e-mail address, telephone number, message text). The transmission from your browser to the web server is secure (https://) and therefore cannot be read by third parties.

4. data protection


4.1 The person responsible


The person responsible for data protection is 


Waltraud Österreicher

Schlossgasse 21/25

1050 Vienna



4.2 Accessibility


Phone: +43 664 402 56 58


Schlossgasse 21/25

A - 1050 Vienna


4.3 Data collection and use


We only collect data if you provide it to us voluntarily. This can be done, for example, by using the contact form.


4.4 Your rights ("data subject rights")


4.4.1 Right to information


You have the right to information about the type and scope of your personal data stored by us. To do so, please contact us in writing. We will inform you about the type and scope of data processing in relation to your personal data within the applicable deadlines. Proof of your identity (photo ID) may be required to process the request for information. The information is free of charge.

4.4.2 Right to rectification/completion


If your data is incomplete or not (or no longer) correct, you can request a correction and/or completion at any time. To do so, please contact us in writing.


4.4.3 Right to erasure


In general, you have the right to erasure ("right to be forgotten") of your personal data stored by us. To do so, please contact us in writing. Please note that there are statutory retention periods for certain data, which may affect your request for erasure.


4.4.4 Right to lodge a complaint


If you are of the opinion that the processing of your personal data by us violates data protection law, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. In Austria, the data protection authority is responsible for this (link:


5. trademark law and brand naming


The naming of (protected) brand names (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.) is for information and illustrative purposes only. We respect trademark protection and in no way claim the right to use these trademarks.


6. severability clause


Should one of the points listed in the legal notice/data protection declaration be declared invalid or void, the remaining points shall remain valid. Invalid points will be adjusted/deleted/or replaced by other information in a timely manner.

Status: 09.02.2024

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